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Rajas Dental College and Hospital (RDCH) was established in the year 1987, as a fruit of the immense, assiduous and monumental efforts of our Founder Chairman Sardar Dr. S.A. Raja. Since then our college proudly has been at the forefront of delivering quality education in India with an illustrious 34 long years of excellence in grooming young and brilliant minds in the field of dentistry and allied health sciences.
The college is affiliated to the prestigious Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai and it effectively functions under the governing council of Selvam Educational Trust guided by the proficient leadership of our Chairman Prof. Dr. Jacob Raja – a man of clarity and innovation. The Trust also manages the Sardar Rajas College of Nursing (SRCN) and the S. A. Raja Pharmacy College, which apart from being the sister Institutions of Rajas Dental College and Hospital (RDCH) also lend research and academic interactive support through the use of common facilities like the Animal house and the Central Research Lab.
The awe inspiring campus, set in a sprawling 30 acres of sylvan settings, and nestled in the lap of the Western Ghats, is located in strategic access between two National Highways. Amidst the serene and tranquil atmosphere, the Institution provides a realm of peaceful learning, teaching and an aura of healing that relates medical science to nature. In consonance and corollary to such natural endowment the Institution keeps alive its commitment to the environment by use of renewable energy sources by having a 60KW captive solar power plant and use of wind energy as part of the the Muppandal Wind Farm (India’s largest and third largest in the world)

Since our inception in 1987 we have steadily grown into the temple of learning that today imparts post graduate and post doctoral (PhD.) education which accords impetus to further research, specialization and enlightenment.Our Postgraduate students are further aided by the global outlook and academic cooperation that Rajas Dental College and Hospital has with Universities abroad, like the Lincoln University in Malaysia, which presents seemingly limitless avenues of growth for our students’ careers.
In recognition of the Institution’s perspectives to constantly upgrade itself to standards of world class education and research, notably through Internet and Communication Technology (ICT) enabled smart interactive classrooms and in house research though the Central Research Laboratory, the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has recognized, endorsed and validated these sterling efforts in 2021 through their coveted accreditation.
The alumni of this pioneering institution are successfully spread across the globe in clinical practice, research and academics and are setting milestones in dentistry and in allied fields of the health industry adding laurels to the crown of their proud Alma Mater.


Years of Experience



Years of Experience


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We are committed to provide a comprehensive and quality medical education with ethical values to equip the younger generation through teaching, research and compassionate approach and to spread the fragrance of learning.


Ours is the culmination to visualize and to create a healthier society by providing affordable healthcare services and to inspire the budding aspirants to reach the unreached for the betterment of the community.


Be note only a man of Success, But a man of Values. Students and Scholars should be well-founded on the pursuit of knowledge through, teaching and learning research, with fellowships.

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"Mission Serve humanity and clear vision rule the missions"

This temple of learning facing the Western Ghats surrounded by Greenery all around in a serene atmosphere provides quality Dental Education with State of Art facility with of eminence.
The campus is culturally diverse with students from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other parts of the Country. The overall ambience provides a wide range of opportunities to exhibit the academic and extra curricular talents.
Students are nurtured with ethical values to make them responsive and responsible citizens.
The Academic programme of this College is well structured in the form of a booklet for the students to aim at total moulding in all spheres of one’s life.
This Dental College organizes Seminars, Symposium at National and International Level to gain updated advancements in the field of Dentistry. Tie-up with Universities at the National level and Abroad have been taken for the students and faculty in academic exchange programme. It’s all innovative and appreciable to see dreams come true to shape up the budding dentists for a glorious future.

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Principal Message

Welcome to Rajas Dental College & Hospital.

We are a Dental institution with its humble inception in 1986.... We stand proud as the first Dental Institution in South Tamil Nadu.
We are a teaching, patient caring and research friendly institution having undergraduate (BDS), postgraduate (MDS) and PhD programs.
This institute has been the centre for excellence with high standards and quality of evidence-based patient care since its inception.
This institute has brought out the best batches of alumni who are spread not only along the length and along breadth in our country but also all around the globe, as they are taught and trained by an eminent team of faulty members.
Along with the mainstream of study, students are exposed to varied co-curricular academic, cultural and sports related activities at national and international levels. Awards and accolades are the evidence of the same.

Though the institute is situated in a rural area, the arms of the institute spreads far and wide in the neighbouring areas through NSS, Red Ribbon, Rotary, Village & School adoption programs and various screening and treatment camps to the needy.
Over the five years of academic schedule, students are trained and taught in various subjects and recent advancements through continuing dental education programmes like Implant Train, Clinical Skill Development Programmes and Soft Skill Development Programs.
Students are also taught to tackle stress-related issues in life through Yoga, Meditation Techniques, Psychological and Personality Enhancement Programmes.
Our institution does not believe in just providing education but we strive to offer our students a successful career and life beyond.
I welcome all of you to Rajas Dental College & Hospital and wishing you ALL THE BEST in all your endeavours.

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